Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Traveler's Symphony

I am a traveler,
On the path of life;
Oh Sands of Time,
Hear my prayer,
Sing me a song of love.
Oh Heralds and Spirits of the passing,
Let me hear, so I learn of the Legends-
Of the heroes, the travelers before.

Oh, Winds of the West,
Oh, beloved sons of power;
I bow to thee,
For you are the Creator:
Of valleys fair, and of grasses green
That bend before your might;
And you, of a life-giving force,
Over them in calm multitudes blow.
Lead your disciple, I beg and plead,
Unto the path of a mind freed.

Oh, Mountains, greatness divine,
Your sanctuary that protects each life fragile,
I come to thine refuge;
Bless me with strength,
That I stand steady,
In rain or in storm,
In fire or in ice.
For the time that passes,
Shall pass in a while,
What remains is but the truth in my eyes.

"The seedling that in light flourished,
Then in darkness shall it perish."
Light of the Sun,
Grant me then;
That when darkness comes,
And sets the sun,
And so ceases the traveler's stride;
Hope shall rise,
In a dawn of love,
For after darkness, comes the light.

The tides of time,
They come and go,
The test of time the toughest of all;
Poseidon, O Lord of the seas,
Help me fare this life at ease.
If in time, I fail on a path,
The oceans vast shall wash on me,
And I shall rise like a mighty wave,
A desire to reach the end, the sandy shores,
Where I shall lie on the journey's end.

Oh mighty earth, Artemis' bow;
The bearer of fruits,
That giveth life to a hungry soul;
The holy womb that nurtured the Tree of life,
That shadowed the sweat of the tired strife;
The flowers of love,
The grass so green,
The fountain of eternal life:
O mother earth, grant unto me,
The power to give, a selfless mind.

The nights I spent, under the starry skies,
Oh! Lord of the sky and of heaven above,
You gave me a place I could call my home.
On those lonely strolls, and the sleepless nights,
You gave me dreams of a brighter life.
And when in pain I came to you,
You rained on me the healing touch,
That tear of hope that cured from within;
O Lord of the skies, bring me to light,
Heal me again, of the darkness inside.

So ends the trail of the traveler's breath,
So ends the song of his sweet symphony.
The path he walked shall tread no more,
But his song lives on, as the travelers before.

By- Drishti Guin 
Undergraduate Student, 5th Year
IIT Kharagpur

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