Thursday, April 4, 2013

Passion for poetry

Some people try their hand at poetry
At some point in their life,
But only few succeed in being free
From the so-called poetic hype.

So, you might question my motive,
As I start scribbling my first dictum.
To that I say, my mood is festive,
And I wish to share my cultivated wisdom.

I do have a knack for a thing or two,
Outside the monotone of curriculum.
While one of them is cricket, true,
I would also like to create my poetic spectrum.

A famous author once said to me, I quote:
“To freely emote, you need to love”.
But there’s a trick, as he left a footnote,
“And then you’ve to feel the pain of that unachievable love”.

The impact of these words was so great, you see,
They made me wonder “what is poetry?”
Is it the description of someone’s rewarding journey,
Told with exaggerated ecstasy?

Is it the silent soliloquy of a man’s tear,
As he realises that his achievements are fake?
Or is it the expression of one’s despair,
When life gives him a bitter heart-break?

I believe, it’s a man’s compulsion,
To divulge whatever is deep within.
As for me, I’m really enjoying my version,
And of course, it’s rhyming scheme !!!

Ayan Hazra
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

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