Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hello to thee!

Uniquely calm does the sky abide,
Serene in the inside;
Yet the clouded mantle drifting,
It’s only hand knows all the truth!
Joined in heart, hand in hand,
Dwells the ocean and sky!
The music of waves in the breeze,
Terribly oblivious of its past and future!
The sheer brilliance of ignorance
With which the ocean tells its stories,
The sheer brilliance of deception
With which the sky listens,
Are the rocks upon which the church of,
All long lasting relations are made upon!
Who’s the girl, who’s the man, I cannot be sure,
As if I care; I’ve never cared!
Because all it takes for love to be true,
Is the honest cry of an innocent heart!
People all around me,
Joys, pleasures, sadness, anger?
On the same sand they stand,
And yet miles apart!
Alone from birth to death, people I see,
Things I touch make me stranger!
Acceptance is the final destination;
However mesmerizing the journey is!
I get the love, even though I don’t find it,
For I have been in the waves,
For way too long and you might note,
That the sky is my godfather!
I look at the sun now;
I try to touch it now!
I touch my head instead,
Oh well, I now say hello to thee.
Siddharth Menath
Undergraduate Student
Department of Electrical Engineering

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