Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Life, Is there more to it ?

Life, called a mystery by some
a beautiful creation of god by others
the sweet scent of a flower
or the bewitching flight of a butterfly
ain't they all a gift from the almighty?

What is more amazing,
I always thought to myself
life itself or the ability to experience life
its highs and its lows
moments of sorrow and moments of joy

Life's journey was always a roller coaster ride
with its ups and downs
all one could do was to just hold on to dear 'life'
and experience those few passing minutes
while it lasted.

But where does it all end?
Are we just specks of dust in cosmic time
or does life have any purpose ?
the incessant rat race, a race validated by the society
where does it all lead to?

I asked myself this question time and again
never quite finding the answer
then it struck me one day, why did life need to have any purpose?
aren't we all just mere witnesses?
just mere witnesses to seeing this world in all its glory

By- Rohit John
Undergraduate Student, 4th Year
IIT Kharagpur

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