Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sometimes I wonder...

Sometimes I wonder
How our world would be………..
When we would have been together for a long long time,
We’ll know each other so well so fine;
You’ll finish my sentences,
And I’ll know you left your keys on the fences;
You’ll be my mentor and I’ll be yours,
And we won’t have to worry for expenses;
Our quarrels shall end up in multiplied joys,
My tensions and your worries shall be our toys;
You’ll be a connoisseur of my emotions,
And none shall surpass this strong relation;
And we shall not look towards each other,
Dear we’ll be looking in the same direction,
With the best of our love and affection;
My million questions shall be answered with you,
And your puny query shall take me a second or two;
Every dairy milk will start with you and end with me,
And I’ll be hiding one for you, lest you see;
Our relation that once nourished in gratitude,
Would then flourish by effortless attitude;
Down the streets in that windy weather,
All our on-goings shall flock together;
Your presence will never make me static,
Coz each day will hold something ecstatic;
And when I’m down you’ll give me a choice,
For all I would hear would just be your voice;
You’ll forgive my bad habits and I’ll ignore your little quirks,
What would be a better panacea for all my jerks;
Your vision and my energy,
Nothing would prove a better synergy;
Misunderstandings shall creep in never,
This well being shall thrive forever;
I would not be writing poems like this,
Coz I would have nothing to long and miss.
And just when our life seems predictable,
You’ll surprise me; I know you’re able;
All our cherishing moments shall remind a history to me,
That your thoughts were always like a chemistry to me;
I mix them all to explore your emotions
For there will always be a part of you,
That remains a beautiful mystery to me !!!

By- Saurabh Shukla
Undergraduate Student, 3rd year
IIT Kharagpur

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