Monday, April 1, 2013


Its said that when you fall in love, you fail to think and talk of anything else but your love. I’ve fallen in love earlier in my life, and know it to be true. Being in love makes it come to you again and again, no matter how much time passes by, it’ll always be there, splashing wildly until you immerse yourself and reach its calm depths.
Its depths have never seemed more appealing to me than it does now, and for someone who doesn’t know how to swim – the depths of waters have always been able to scare me away. And now i wish i could immerse myself in its depths, laying there in the calmness with that flow of water making that beautiful humming sound in my ears.
The waves enticed me to jump into them, roll around, to get draped in them and be one with the sea. The waves asked me to enjoy the sea as they did, to rise high above but to always be connected with it. To get entangled with things around me, to play with others in joy, to carry and be carried, to jump and laugh and to bring smiles to the faces of others but at the end of it all to mix again in the sea.
The flow always touched the shore, rendezvoused with it, and then came back to the sea for that is where it belongs. The sea is all accepting and never declined, no matter how dirty the flow was as it returned from the shore.
From the very first moment when i ran into the wild sea on the recent trip, i started loving the sea more than ever. Unlike my love for different people in my life, some of which now ceases to reciprocate, i cannot express all of it here, but my love for some things I can. I wish to fall in love again, all over again, for its beautiful, and wish the same for you too!
In the water

Siddharth Agarwal

Department of Aerospace engineering

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