Friday, April 5, 2013

The Sloth born to a Miner

I'm a sloth born to a miner,
The miner who is stern,                                                              
He drills rock-blocks finer,
And that helps him earn;
Watch him setting out,
For a fresh undug mine,
His sweat bears liquid gold,
That he trades for us to dine;

I'm a sloth born to a miner,
The miner who knows no pains,
Melts his bones and muscles,
For the little what he gains;
Keeps my breakfast ready,
Kisses my forehead while I sleep,
Bids an early morning goodbye,
Then jumps on to his jeep;

I'm a sloth born to a miner,
A miner who lost his wife,
Since then fostered the minor,
Till I learned what is life;
Fixed my legs on the ground,
Told, "Chase life like a hound",
Never beat me for my failures,
But, woes instinctive would mound;

I'm a sloth born to a miner,
A sloth who struggles all the time,
The sweet memories of the miner,
I sing to me through this rhyme.
The miner lived his days,
Brought in plenty short-lived gays,
The miner now is gone,
 I look at the distance, beyond the sun...

Dedicated to all the Fathers, who may be miners...

3rd Year Undergraduate,
Dept. of Geology & Geophysics,
IIT Kharagpur

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