Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Mask

In this blind age of today
where greed and deceit are all there is
and lies and betrayal are the norms set
Masked emotions, masked feelings
masked desperation and masked words
Is a mask all there is?

Even death and sorrow seemed to pale
when they wore a mask
the lines of fear and the lines of sorrow
blurring seamlessly creating
a vile two headed monster, a horror, a shadow
the two masked faces of tyranny and sycophancy

Buried in lies and vileness
fading from the yellow pages
are true spirit and individualism,
the real essence of sweat and blood
mocked at, scoffed at, through the ages
true reason and intellect being forced to wear masks.

Wherein lies the Golden Age of Reason?
the true face of reason and compassion
Was it all just a lie, an illusion, a mirage ?
buried in the snow, nipped at the bud and left to die.
wherein lies the key to the great halls of the mind !

By- Rohit John
Undergraduate Student, 4th year
IIT Kharagpur

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