Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Girl With A Pearl Earring.

The heart skipped its routined throbs,
The larks in the balcony began to sing;
The sky seemed brighter in the night than the day,
When I saw a girl with the pearl earring.

Her lips limned on her Hera face,
Renewing her charm on the eve of every spring;
Washing away the ware of her mortal allures,
Such was the girl with the pearl earring.

Exotic her angel eyes caressing the pulse,
Cherishing with her fragrance a minxed fling;
Watery kohled like a monsoonal brume,
Gazed at me the girl with the pearl earring.

Nightskied as a spotless black,
The halo through her veiled hair dazzling;
Boundless are the dreams to hold onto once,
The very same girl, with the pearl earring.

By- Kartikeya Pradhan
Undergraduate Student, 4th year
IIT Kharagpur

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