Friday, April 5, 2013

कल रात मेरी आँखो में सपने की एक बूँद आई

कुछ इस कदर दीवानी हुई वो हमारी, के हर रात सपनो में चली आती है

कभी आँखो में सपना, कभी सपने की एक बूँद बन जाती है

ऐसा प्यार भी किस्मत वालो को ही मिलता है

कि हमने तो उसकी गली छोड़ दी, पर उसकी आँखें हमे न छोड़ पाती है

कल रात भी वो मुझे ढूँढते आँखो में चली आई

कुछ बातें की उसने, कुछ बातें दिल में छुपाई

गम उन बातों का नही, जो उसने मेरी नम आँखों से की थी

गम तो उनका है, जो बातें वो कह ही न पाई

Vishal Gupta 
Dept. of Aerospace Engineering.

The Sloth born to a Miner

I'm a sloth born to a miner,
The miner who is stern,                                                              
He drills rock-blocks finer,
And that helps him earn;
Watch him setting out,
For a fresh undug mine,
His sweat bears liquid gold,
That he trades for us to dine;

I'm a sloth born to a miner,
The miner who knows no pains,
Melts his bones and muscles,
For the little what he gains;
Keeps my breakfast ready,
Kisses my forehead while I sleep,
Bids an early morning goodbye,
Then jumps on to his jeep;

I'm a sloth born to a miner,
A miner who lost his wife,
Since then fostered the minor,
Till I learned what is life;
Fixed my legs on the ground,
Told, "Chase life like a hound",
Never beat me for my failures,
But, woes instinctive would mound;

I'm a sloth born to a miner,
A sloth who struggles all the time,
The sweet memories of the miner,
I sing to me through this rhyme.
The miner lived his days,
Brought in plenty short-lived gays,
The miner now is gone,
 I look at the distance, beyond the sun...

Dedicated to all the Fathers, who may be miners...

3rd Year Undergraduate,
Dept. of Geology & Geophysics,
IIT Kharagpur

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sometimes I wonder...

Sometimes I wonder
How our world would be………..
When we would have been together for a long long time,
We’ll know each other so well so fine;
You’ll finish my sentences,
And I’ll know you left your keys on the fences;
You’ll be my mentor and I’ll be yours,
And we won’t have to worry for expenses;
Our quarrels shall end up in multiplied joys,
My tensions and your worries shall be our toys;
You’ll be a connoisseur of my emotions,
And none shall surpass this strong relation;
And we shall not look towards each other,
Dear we’ll be looking in the same direction,
With the best of our love and affection;
My million questions shall be answered with you,
And your puny query shall take me a second or two;
Every dairy milk will start with you and end with me,
And I’ll be hiding one for you, lest you see;
Our relation that once nourished in gratitude,
Would then flourish by effortless attitude;
Down the streets in that windy weather,
All our on-goings shall flock together;
Your presence will never make me static,
Coz each day will hold something ecstatic;
And when I’m down you’ll give me a choice,
For all I would hear would just be your voice;
You’ll forgive my bad habits and I’ll ignore your little quirks,
What would be a better panacea for all my jerks;
Your vision and my energy,
Nothing would prove a better synergy;
Misunderstandings shall creep in never,
This well being shall thrive forever;
I would not be writing poems like this,
Coz I would have nothing to long and miss.
And just when our life seems predictable,
You’ll surprise me; I know you’re able;
All our cherishing moments shall remind a history to me,
That your thoughts were always like a chemistry to me;
I mix them all to explore your emotions
For there will always be a part of you,
That remains a beautiful mystery to me !!!

By- Saurabh Shukla
Undergraduate Student, 3rd year
IIT Kharagpur


“Where is it?”

“Where is what?” asked Beryl, turning away from me towards the wet wall she had been writing on.

“The part I don’t teach you: indiscretion. I keep telling the world it must allow you a little, so it will end up being a little less hurt and I a little less disappointed when you bring out all you can.”

I wish I did not know Beryl. I wish every instance of an eye-contact had nothing to do with anything but chance and intrigue. And as much as I longed for the same, Beryl improvised on her little game. You cannot reason with a pupil who keeps trying to steal answers to your questions from your own expressions.

“Oh, the foundations…” she spoke, covering up the last remains of stealthiness, “Get me a refill.”

She dipped her brush into the jug of red paint (the jugular of her emotions, clucked a wag inside my head) and started dabbing it against the bottom of each letter she had written. NORTH BYELORUSSIA. (Long enough to suit her depths, guffawed the wag again). And they weren’t mere letters, were they? In place of each, there was a skyscraper here, a tree there, a statue somewhere and a dog peeing on it, a plough, an effigy, a thumbstack , gallows, a guitar, and so on.

Red paint trickled from the base of each, into the sink below.

Ah. Foundations. I stood by Beryl and stared at the wet wall of the public wash-basin.

I noticed Beryl never has a hint of perfume about her. One day she’s a swine and she recognizes my gonads as Michael and Gabriel. Another day she just pops out of a blueberry cheesecake and falls before she can decide which foot to land on. Today, she’s distemper and she is learning how art can force one to think instead of simply urging one to act.

I wished the wash-basin in that railway station had more taps. The music would have had more and more notes as droplets of water leaked out of them at unsynchronized regular intervals.

We looked at the little stream of water washing away the blood-red paint as it trickled and dissolved into it.

By: Sachin Sai
4th year UG student
IIT Kharagpur

Passion for poetry

Some people try their hand at poetry
At some point in their life,
But only few succeed in being free
From the so-called poetic hype.

So, you might question my motive,
As I start scribbling my first dictum.
To that I say, my mood is festive,
And I wish to share my cultivated wisdom.

I do have a knack for a thing or two,
Outside the monotone of curriculum.
While one of them is cricket, true,
I would also like to create my poetic spectrum.

A famous author once said to me, I quote:
“To freely emote, you need to love”.
But there’s a trick, as he left a footnote,
“And then you’ve to feel the pain of that unachievable love”.

The impact of these words was so great, you see,
They made me wonder “what is poetry?”
Is it the description of someone’s rewarding journey,
Told with exaggerated ecstasy?

Is it the silent soliloquy of a man’s tear,
As he realises that his achievements are fake?
Or is it the expression of one’s despair,
When life gives him a bitter heart-break?

I believe, it’s a man’s compulsion,
To divulge whatever is deep within.
As for me, I’m really enjoying my version,
And of course, it’s rhyming scheme !!!

Ayan Hazra
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Investigations of a Lover

You want to know,my love 
how does it feel to hide my sorrows,
fears and anxieties
beneath this conspicuous veil of flesh and bones
and still manage a cheerful face.

You want to know
why don't I give up to the natural emotions
and shed off the impervious exterior
to show the world what hides in me,
the true colours ,the unmasked face
and you say you would love it all
whatever there is to see.

You want to know,my princess
why you still dont feel the intimacy
the bondings and the warmth
and all other love fancies,
when I've been with you all these times
moment by moment
memories by memories;
You also ask,why those memories are not drenched
with the earthy smell of nostalgia
but only exist because they have to.

But like a scorpion,you have the poison at your tail
And you bit with Incinerating words 
 the contempt too all fresh
As you say that you were amazed
despite our making love a hundred times
I was yet to undress !! 

But say no more my beautiful girl,
As I am ready to answer 
all that you want to know
the unspoken words,the half read thoughts
and the shrugged off questions 
which still lay in your memory wearing away my love
which used to be all carousing and lots of fun.
So Let my darkest fears and the gravest sins be revealed
in the faintest hope that you will still be mine
And let people see in this game of love 
how truth and honesty still shine.

You know I played my cards right
gave you the love and did only what
I see people playing all the time
So I also imitated them
enclosed my real ,bitter ,truth seeking self
and sunk in the intoxicating ,alluring 
fragrance of falsehood and indecency.
You have to forgive me for that
because it is a  tricky world 
and that assured me like,
found would be the answers
to the questions I seek 
and for that climb I had to
the love's dizzying peak.
I managed that happy facade
as it was the only way to be a part of the brigade
happy benevolent smiles to show
and to let inside the seeds of restlessness
and fear grow.

So I met you
out of the blue,an awesome serendipity
forgot the questions and all the rationality
charmed&enchanted by all your beauty.
And you became my necessity and me your casualty.
I played by the book and you responded well
Love grew and questions faded
Hormones raged  and logic failed
But where it would lead
was hard to tell.

But in the heart i knew
that we were just a boy and a girl
doing what was all superficial and hollow
faking stuff to be a part of the mad crowd
which gets manipulated and has nothing real to follow.

It was my fault,
I believed that
such a beauty like yourself
could exist in this damned world
and still be truthful and real.
It was my fault,I believed for a moment
that our love could be the thing I wanted
the thing that would be life altering,
but I realised ,
it was just a drug like any other;
nicotine and alcohol got a bad name
love slipped away with all the glory and fame
What a shame ! What a shame !

Never I wanted to undress my soul 
for you would have seen the ugly child
who inside me keeps crying
constrained by the books of etiquette
from breaking all loose and wild.

I hid this pathetic me from all 
until you came
and made me believe that life was sweet indeed
but all it changed was from
'same' to 'same'.
So this has to end,
our love which can't be real
and no matter how beautiful you are
fake is all what you will become
and thats the most what I fear.

 So you must go my charming dear,
for I have some answers to seek
some truths to unfold, crystal and clear
The path is hard I know
but its better to live in reality
than rejoice in illusion.
 you would also do the same,I wish
break the mould of falsehood and fly
to the gardens we couldn't visit
and the delicacies we couldn't try
because these bondages give us a sense of freedom 
when none exists.

But Just in case
I got it all wrong
forgive,my love,my blasphemous words
which may seem to hurt you 
but our love was the best thing to happen
in this miserable world,
you will know it when its due.

And if I fail in my endeavours
you must not be discouraged
 and shouldn't wait for me but fly;  
I would be in pain and will cry
but that would make it easy
to be mad and drunk and blown
and jump from the building
from which you,my love, had once flown.

But you would still want to 'know'...
and that's what now makes me smile 
as atleast 'You' have started to fly
While I sit back lonely in reminiscence 
And cry.

By-Satyam Sai
aduate Student, 3rd year
IIT Kharagpur

The Time We Will Meet…

I always wonder how it would be like, the time we will meet
You shall smile the same way, like when you thought about me
And I shall be holding your hand
Hoping those conversations to repeat;

You shall be sitting beside me, will I ever believe?
And with all affection you shall let our love to interweave;
Your fragrance will all be around, flowers will recede
Shall that moment last forever along, the time we will meet?

Your presence shall embrace the surrounding breeze
And I shall desire the instant to freeze;
Your gilded lips, that voice so sweet
Shall I be able to make them sing, the time we will meet?

I always have longed for this moment 
Shall my longings diminish, the time we will meet?
You shall know the unsaid, your elegant face tells me,
I shall not open my heart lest you speak.

I always wonder how it would be like, the time we will meet,
You shall smile the same way, like when I teased.
And then you shall be holding my hand
To reciprocate and waiting for me again to repeat.

I shall not tell you about the gift till the time we will meet
Coz I want to see that surprise in those pearl eyes & accept your greet.
We shall let the gratitude gush; deep inside we had a rush
Don’t worry it will all be over, the time we will meet.

I always wonder how it would be like, the time we will meet.
Shall it be the day I have always dreamt of?
Shall the weather celebrate our meet?
Shall my heart forget its regular beat…?

I always wonder how it would be like, the time we will meet…
I always wonder….

By- Karan Kakwani Undergraduate Student, 3rd year IIT Kharagpur